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We have extended licence for another 6 months
Published on 01-01-2019
Dear members,

We have extended our licence to another 6 months. Most of the paid to click come and go but we are stable. Our payment will be forever instant and our payment is always 100%. Paypal payment can expect delays. We are not in huge profit but we are not in loss. We don't force members to invest in lazybux and we cannot guarantee your profit. You have to invest on your own risk. Some members are making profit by investing and some members are not . It depends upon your own strategy. We don't have refund policy but we will add rented referrals or give ptc ad credits if your strategy fails to make profit. is coming soon. Those who want to get payment via paypal, their balance must reach to $2. When we send paypal money below $2 you will get zero because paypal charges huge fee. Paypal is very useless these days because of their fees.

Sincerely yours
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