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Frequently Asked Questions
How many people can I refer?

There are no limits on how many people you can refer to the site.

What do I get for referring people?

When you refer someone to the site you receive several benefits

Get Paid to Refer Members!
You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid upto $0.01 - $5 for each website you personally view and 50% for each website your referrals view.
Earnings Example
? You click 20 ads per day = $0.20
? Your 50 referrals click 20 ads per day = $5.00
? Your daily earnings = $5.20
? Your weekly earnings = $36.40
? Your monthly earnings = $156.00
? Your yearly earnings = $1872.00

Get Paid to Refer Advertisers!
You'll get paid 20% to refer advertisers to  Use your Referral link to promote our traffic and make daily payouts. If you only refer 1 advertiser that spends $10.00 a day, that's an extra $2.00 day or $14 dollars a week, $60 a Month and $730 per year ! After their ad is approved, the money is automatically added to your account balance.

What is Minimum Payout ?

Minimum Payout is $0.02 every time your withdraw for perfectmoney and payeer but for paypal it's $2 because paypal charges huge fee and if we send small amount you will get zero so if u withdraw big amount then you will get something

How do I refer people to the site?

Go to "my account" then "Banners". Then you will find your referal link.

What are points?

A point is a specific kind of balance on your account. You can convert points to credits or cash.

How do I earn points?

Sometimes links in the "Click For Cash" will be worth points instead of cash.

How many points do I earn for each click?

This will vary from link to link. On the "Earning Area" page, you will be informed of how much each link is worth.

When am I paid ?

You will be paid within a day or quicker

How to Request Cashout ?

Go to my account and click withdraw then you can withdraw your money. Before that you have to set up your paypal email address. For that go to personal settings then add your paypal email.

Why can't I login to my account?

Make sure that your password is correct and so is your username. The system is case sensative. Feel free to contact us at any time if you are having trouble logging in.

How much do I earn per click?

You will earn up to $0.04 per click.

How do I click and earn cash?

Go to earn money then click view advertisements then click on the ad, then wait for 5 seconds , you will need to verify. After that money will be credited to your balance. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We are currently accepting paypal, perfectmoney and payeer

How do I purchase advertising?

a. log in and click my account

b. then click add funds

c. Choose payment method and type the amount then click send.

d. then click the paypal button and pay via paypal

e. Once you added fund, go to the homepage and click advertise

f. Then buy the credits.

g. Again go to my account and click advertiser panel

h. You will see manage drop down menu, select the advertisement plans(the one which you bought credits) 

i. Then click on "Click here to add a new advertisement"

j. Then create your ad and click continue

k. Click on "click here to validate the ad"

l. Then click on allocate

m. Add credits to allocate

n. then click allocate

o. click continue, now your website or ad will be visible to million of viewers


What is our refund policy?

We don't have refund policy

How to buy bitcoins?

It's easy to buy bitcoins online or by cash. First you have to create bitcoins account on Then you can buy bitcoins by following websites   You need creditcards to buy bitcoins, you don't need to show documents


Next you can buy bitcoins by cash


All Bitcoin Deposits must be sent to 18u3oYuCMLpAMYUCKMTphT2gkjXEjvRqCY and the transaction ID sent to the Admin in a support ticket. Accounts will be updated within 1 to 2 business days.

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